Wednesday 25 April 2012

'Rising Tide' released to VOD

Rising Tide looks good; very good, considering the cast and crew were all aged between 16 and 19. It had a one-off cinema screening last year and is released today on some sort of download thing called Vodo.

A sinister coming-of-age horror, Rising Tide is a story of friendship, loss and revenge. Exams over, it was one last chance to celebrate with close friends before going separate ways. Toasting ‘friendship’ and making plans for a final camping adventure together, Izzy, the new girl in the closely knit group, is hiding a dark and devastating past. Izzy’s secret follows the friends to the remote, mythical tidal island of Lindisfarne, where her skeletons take revenge on the trapped terror-stricken teens. You will never feel safe in a tent again.

Apparently this Vodo thing is all cutting edge and the future of distribution but I couldn't make head or tail of it. Still, I'm sure the young people know what it all means. The directors are Dawn Furness and Philip Shotton

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