Thursday 12 April 2012

Can't wait to see: Till Sunset

Till Sunset is a new horror feature from director David Woods which looks great and is just starting out on the festival circuit.

Sean, Kerry and Beth are three strangers whose only common goal is to work out exactly why they have been isolated in a mysterious woodland, beside a shallow grave. With no memory of how they got there and increasing levels of paranoia, the trio become entwined in a nightmarish experience which will ultimately lead to a terrifying sacrifice. But who or what is behind it all and do the answers lie closer to home than they think?

Till Sunset features ghosts, shadowy apparitions and "the hooded figure from Sean’s nightmare, known only as The Woodsman."

The film stars Shane Sweeney, Heather Darcy (Grave Tales) and Gemma Woods with British horror regulars Giles Alderson (Night Junkies, Harsh Light of Day) and Eleanor James (Bordello Death Tales, Hellbride). Woods' previous shorts include Elemental Storage, The Chase and The Five Murders of John Dawley.
David has kindly sent me a screener of Till Sunset and I hope to have a full review on my main website soon. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures:

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