Saturday 26 November 2011

Film 55: Trauma (dir. Marc Evans)

I watched Trauma, Marc Evans' disappointing follow-up to My Little Eye, last night and wrote it up today. It's a bit of a mess really (the film, not my write-up!) and Evans seemed to think that just having lots of hallucinatory stuff would disguise the clichéed and predictable story by first-time screenwriter Richard Smith.

Colin Firth and Mena Suvari are both monumentally miscast, the set design is counter-productively over-the-top, the obvious plot becomes quite extraordinarily stupid in the final act and the whole thing seems a wasted opportunity to be honest.

It's not a terrible film but it's got nothing new or interesting to say about anything. I'm rather glad to have got it out of the way. Don't think I'll be troubling that disc again.

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