Sunday 15 November 2015

Richard Driscoll's new business partner is (also) a convicted fraudster

As part of his sentence in 2013, Richard Driscoll was banned from being a company director (but sadly, not from being a film director). So how has he been able to set up his new company ‘DRagon’ (sic)?

The crafty devil has simply relocated to the Republic of Ireland. The company address of ‘Dragon Film Limited’ is Unit 3, South Court, Wexford Road Business Park, Carlow. It was set up on 25th September 2014 (when I’m pretty sure Driscoll was still in prison), presumably by his new business partner.

This is a sprightly septuagenarian with the magnificent name of Ronald Sinclair Bassett-Cross who lives in Kent and whose previous company directorships include something called ‘Megabucks Corporation Ltd’(!). Is he a trustworthy individual? Well, here’s a story about him, originally from the Mail on Sunday. Let me quote you the opening sentence:

Ronald Bassett-Cross answering the door.
A financial adviser who stole money from his wealthy clients and their children  – first reported by the Mail on Sunday in 2009 – has been sentenced to 24 months in prison. Ronald Bassett-Cross, 70, from Bromley in Kent, was sentenced on May 17 at the Old Bailey.  He had pled guilty to six charges of theft and three of fraud concerning four family trusts where he was the sole trustee.

You know what’s interesting? That was in May 2013, just a few weeks before Richard Driscoll himself was sent down. Which raises the very real possibility that these two crooks met each other in prison...

It just gets better and better.

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