Thursday 14 January 2016

Two-for-one premiere of new Eileen Daly films

Eileen Daly, Grand Dame of Independent British Horror, is organising an all-day shindig in London to premiere two new films that she not only stars in but has also written and directed. These are two thirds of her recent trilogy of horror-comedies about a ghostbusting team, co-starring Sam Cullingworth and Justin G Gibson. Jason Impey handled camera and editing on them.

The event, which is called 'Eileen Daly Presents: Scream Queens', is on Saturday 13th February at the Roxy Bar and Screen in London. It kicks off at 1.00pm and as well as the films there's music and cabaret and dancing and all sorts of stuff till way past any decent person's bedtime. Tickets are 20 quid a pop. You can find all the details here.

First Bite (aka First Bite is the Deepest)
Love is in town for the ghost team’s presenter Miss Eileen Daly, when the team turn up to solve a mystery in an enchanted castle. Will they solve it and leave with there 8 pints of blood still in there body’s? Or does love conquer all? Find out in this amazingly funny and blood curdling movie.

Hollywood Betrayed
Deep down in Normsville suburbia, England, lays a horrible secrets. Only one man alone knows what is going on in the hotel of horrors and has invited the ghost busting team to help rid the place of evil. Is the evil in the hotel or is it in his head?…find out in this true adventure film. DO GHOST REALLY EXIST?!

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