Tuesday 24 December 2013

Whatever happened to those 140 unreleased British horror films? (Part 4)

Two years ago I listed 140(ish) unreleased British horror films produced since 2000. Here's the final batch of 'whatever happened to' information:
  1. Screen (d.David P Baker) - Although Baker is British, this is an American film so has been removed from the list. 
  2. Season of the Witch (d.Peter Goddard) - Still unreleased but I was sent a screener so you can read my review.
  3. Seven Crosses (d.Robbie Moffat) - This went online in August 2013 (give or take...). 
  4. Showreel (d.Ross Birkbeck) - No show. 
  5. Simon and Emily (d.Lee Isserow) - UK disc in Sptember 2009. 
  6. Slasher House (d.MJ Dixon) - This made it to UK disc in April 2013. Check out my review
  7. Slumber Party (d.Martin Marshall) - Still asleep. 
  8. Sparrow (d.Shaun Troke) - This UK-Polish co-production actually played Warsaw cinemas in October 2010. No sign of a DVD yet though. 
  9. Stag Hunt (d.James Shanks) - Still at bay, although it has definitely been completed because Jim invited me to a screening. 
  10. Stitches aka The Killer Gloves (d.Trevor Fleming, Lee Isserow) - UK disc in August 2010. Not to be confused with the Ross Noble clown horror which is widely described as British but is actually 100% Irish. 
  11. Strippers vs Werewolves (d. Jonathan Glendenning) - UK disc in May 2012 after a brief theatrical dalliance, with a US disc following in September. 
  12. Telephone Detectives (d.Mark Reynaud) - No dial tone. 
  13. Third Contact (d.Simon Horrocks) - No contact yet with this sci-fi/horror 
  14. Three’s a Shroud (d.David VG Davies, Dan Brownlie, Andy Edwards) - I have seen this and reviewed it but there is still no sign of a release. 
  15. Through the Looking Glass (d.Craig Griffith) - October 2012 saw this appear on UK disc. 
  16. Tied in Blood (d.Kevin McDonagh) - Emerged on US disc in June 2012. 
  17. Till Sunset (d.David Woods) - The US release in April 2013 seems to have been on blu-ray but not DVD, for some reason. 
  18. Transylvanian Express (d.Kirby Leitko) - Still in the station. 
  19. Truth or Dare (d.Robert Heath) - British theatrical/DVD release in August 2012, followed by a US disc in September which was for some reason retitled Truth or Die
  20. Tuck Bushman and the Legend of Piddledown Dale (d.Chris Lumb) - Seems there had actually been a US disc in October 2010. Check out my review. 
  21. UFO (d.Dominic Burns) - ‘Jean-Claude Van Damme vs aliens’ played theatrically (in Derby) in December 2012 when it was also released on DVD. The US disc followed 12 months later retitled Alien Uprising. Here's my review.
  22. Unwelcome (d.Keith R Robinson) - There was a US disc in April 2012, retitled Aggresive Behavior.
  23. The Urge (d.Chris Andrews) - Not urgent, apparently. 
  24. Venus Drowning (d. Andrew Parkinson) - Eight years after I watched and reviewed this, Andrew Parkinson’s third feature will finally get a (US) DVD release in February 2014. 
  25. A Very Grimm Fairy Tale (d.Scott Johnson) - No happy ever after. 
  26. Voodoo Lagoon (d.Nick Cohen) - There was a UK disc in April 2011. 
  27. Warhouse (d.Luke Massey) - Now called Armistice, this is set for VOD and US theatres in January 2014. 
  28. Webkam (d.Ibraheem James Layton) - Shot in 2008, a teaser trailer finally appeared in August 2013. Could we see the film soon? 
  29. When the Lights Went Out aka Speak No Evil (d.Pat Holden) - Played UK cinemas in September 2012, with a DVD in January 2013. 
  30. Wilby Park (d.Ian Fielding) - US disc in December 2011. 
  31. Within (d.John A Curtis, Merlin Ward) - Without. 
  32. Within the Woods (d.Luke Massey) - There have been numerous films released called Within the Woods. This isn’t one of them. 
  33. The Zombie King (d.Aidan Belizaire) - Released on German DVD in April 2013. 
  34. Zombies of the Night (d.Stuart Brennan) - According to Stuart this will probably remain unreleased.

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