Monday 23 December 2013

Whatever happened to those 140 unreleased British horror films? (Part 3)

And here are the next 35 entries in that list of unreleased British horrors from two years ago. Which ones were released? Which remain unseen?
  1. Inbred (d.Alex Chandon) - Chandon’s long-awaited return proved to be a gloriously funny cannibal tale when it hit UK cinemas in September 2012, with a DVD shortly after. Check out my review.
  2. In the Dark Half (d.Alastair Siddons) - UK theatrical release in August 2012, DVD four months later. 
  3. Invisible Eyes (d.Olivier Cohen) - Not visible yet. 
  4. Jacob’s Hammer aka Jacob (d.Angie Bojtler) - Still in Jacob’s toolbox, apparently. 
  5. Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire (d.Philip Gardiner) - US release in May 2012. Gardiner has a deal with Chemical Burn so all his films tend to turn up eventually. 
  6. The Last Blood Line (d.John Evans) - No sign of this yet. 
  7. The Last Zombi Hunter (d.SN Sibley) - Or this. 
  8. Legend of the Alleyman (d.Mike Jelves) - Nothing on this either. 
  9. The Legend of the 5ive (d.James P Weatherall) - Nor this one. 
  10. Lethal (d.Darcia Martin) - Crikey, we’re not have a good run under ‘L’ are we? 
  11. Liberty Bleeds (d.Stuart Wood) - Ah, here’s one. This turned up online in March 2003. 
  12. The Lost (d.Johan Neethling) - Still not been found, it seems. 
  13. Martyr (d.Shaun Troke) - No sign of this, although Troke’s feature ‘untitled’ was released online at Halloween 2013. 
  14. May I Kill U? (d.Stuart Urban) - A limited UK theatrical release in January 2013. 
  15. Monitor (d.David VG Davies) - Has played festivals but I’m not aware of a release. 
  16. Myth (d.John Aldridge) - Possibly aka Fable. Remains purely mythical. 
  17. A Night in the Woods (d.Richard Parry) - There was a British DVD release in September 2012. 
  18. Night is Day (d.Fraser Coull) - Released online in September 2012, I think this is a feature edit of a web serial. 
  19. Occasional Monsters (d.Sam Addison, Michael Cox) - A UK disc in December 2008 means this should have just scraped into my book Urban Terrors if I had known about it. 
  20. Old Blood (d.Sapphira Sen-Gupta, Denise Channing) - The sequel to Graveyard Shift: A Zomedy of Terrors remains equally unreleased. Channing is that goblin woman who appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2007. 
  21. One Hour to Die (d.Philip Gardiner) - Chemical Burn released this in the States in August 2012. Gardiner’s unrelated Awesome Killer Audition was released in May 2013 as One Hour to Die 2
  22. Patient 17 (d.Tuyet Le) - This may have had a VOD release in February 2013 but there is a question mark next to it on my list. 
  23. The Perfect Burger (d.Todd Carty) - Tucker’s out of luck. 
  24. Piggy (d.Kieron Hawks) - A UK release in May 2013. 
  25. The Power (d.Paul Hills) - Power cut. 
  26. Psychosomatic (d.Andrew C Tanner) - US disc in June 2009. Here’s my review.
  27. Purgatory (d.Stuart Wood) - This is one of those where I don’t even known where I read about it... 
  28. A Reckoning aka Straw Man (d. AD Barker) - Reckon it’s still on the shelf. 
  29. Re-evolution (d.Andrew Walkington) - Hasn’t evolved into anything yet. 
  30. The Reverend (d. Neil Jones) - UK theatrical/DVD release in August 2012. Check out my review.
  31. Rising Tide (d.Dawn Furness, Philip Shotton) - VOD release in April 2012. 
  32. Rock and Roll Fuck’n’Lovely (d.Josh Bagnall) - Turned up online in May 2013. 
  33. Sacrificed (d.Keith Bradley) - There was a self-released DVD in July 2012, then five months later the film turned up again as The Download Horror with Bradley doing a sort of MST3K demolition of his own film. Truly bizarre! 
  34. Sawney: Flesh of Man (d.Ricky Wood Jnr) The UK disc was released in August 2013 but a couple of months earlier it was released in the States as Lord of Darkness
  35. Scopia (d.Chris Butler) - Nada.

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