Wednesday 26 December 2012

Werewolf movie shooting in Leicester next year

I don't have much info yet on Lunatic, except that it's a werewolf movie which is aiming to shoot next year in my home town of Leicester. Written by Stephen Batchelor (of whom I know nothing) and produced by Leicester's own martial arts master Kwoklyn Wan, hulking older brother of fashion guru Gok!

"At first, a small town murder looks to be the work of wild dogs. Unfortunately, wild dogs don't walk on two legs. This town has a secret, but how many will have to die before the truth comes out?"

The only horror feature previously shot in Leicester was Rhys Davies' Zombie Undead. Apparently Lunatic is casting for extras now. Could this be another chance for me and young TF Simpson to boost our resum├ęs?

Find out more on the movie's Facebook page.

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  1. Written by me alright. And although not my first script, it looks likely this will be the first produced, and I'm pretty excited.
    Nice little write up by the way.