Monday 5 March 2012

Mother's Day Evil - what's that?

Here's the synopsis for Mother's Day Evil, set for US release by DVD Deluxe (through Tempe Distribution) on 19th June:

Lauren and her young daughter, Emily, travel from the USA to visit the English countryside. Shortly after their arrival at a dilapidated cottage, a creepy old woman conducts a seance and things rapidly begin to go wrong. Lauren wakes up in bed in an old and unfamiliar room, watched over by Len, the kindly rescuer who took her in. Stuck at his mercy, Lauren tries to remain calm and slowly learns more about her rescuer. He hears voices from “Mother” who tells him what to do. Ever fearful of his unpredictable, violent mood swings, she tries to placate him in order to be reunited with Emily and escape. When Len’s history is finally unraveled, it is far more terrifying than she could ever have known. He carries the darkest of secrets and he needs Lauren to absolve him. But first, she has to deal with the terrifying evil that is... “Mother.”

Wondering why you've not heard of Mother's Day Evil before? That's because it's a retitling of Steven Nesbit's film Curio which was released in the UK last September. The soundtrack is by Blur's Graham Coxon who is lined up to act in Nesbit's next movie Mawken, although that seems to still be in development.

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