Friday 6 January 2012

Eldorado London premiere lined up for 30th January, Driscoll filming pirates?

From the Eldorado Facebook page:

Eldorado will premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in London's West End on Monday 30th January. Celebs from the film will give a Q&A before the showing of Eldorado in 3D. Tickets will cost £25 and will include a complimentary DVD of the film and also the album. Tickets will soon be available at Further screenings of the film Eldorado around the country will be announced on Monday 9th January

In other Richard Driscoll news, Johnny Depp impersonator Danny Lopez reports on Twitter that he has been in Cornwall filming green-screen stuff for Death Ship: The Real Pirates of the Caribbean, presumably wearing the same 'Captain Jake' outfit he has in the Eldorado 'viral' videos. Some visual effects work was done on this project back in 2010 when it was called Caribbean Pirates: The Death Ship Chronicles.

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