Tuesday 17 January 2012

Eldorado: BBFC blamed...

Latest pronouncements from the Eldorado Facebook/Twitter thing:

"‎"Due to an ongoing battle with the BBFC for an 18 certification, Eldorado's initial release on Jan 30th will be in 2D only. We have also decided to postpone the premiere until the 25th June, the date of the exclusive Blu-ray 3D release, as we feel that the premiere should be enjoyed in 3D." Eldorado writer/producer & director Richard Driscoll."
"BBFC demand cuts in Eldorado to let it go out as a 18 certificate. The Producer Richard Driscoll continues to fight the decision."

Really? I can smell it from here and it begins with B...

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  1. Are you going to give us a review MJ? I hope so.