Friday 2 September 2016

Looking forward to… Fox Trap

Fox Trap is a new British horror film which will make slashers fans’ eyes light up with glee. All the elements are there: a group of attractive young people, an isolated house, collective and individual secrets, festering revenge, a masked killer, assorted methods of murder. All present and correct.

Making his directorial feature debut, helmer Jamie Weston has made a bunch of interesting shorts over the past few years including the zombie film Tales from the Apocalypse: Silent Dawn. Scripter Jeffrey Cohen already has a couple of BHR feature credits as producer on Lucifer’s Night and Deadly Waters, both of which starred this film’s lead Becky Fletcher (who produces here under her alternative name of Rebecca Matthews).

The fine cast also includes Aussie Kate Greer, Julia Erringer (who played Amy Winehouse in a TV biopic), Klariza Clayton (whom you might recognise as either Sam from Dani’s House or Joy from House of Anubis), Scott Chambers (uwantme2killhim?), Alex Sawyer (Alfie from House of Anubis), Therica Wilson-Read and Richard Summers-Calvert. Cinematography by Beatriz Delgado Mena (Sauna the Dead, Rancour). Visual effects and make-up by Zoey Olechnowicz.

The film is currently in post having the last few nips and and tucks done to the sound mix and colour grading. 4DigitalMedia have the rights and are planning a release early next year. Keep up to date at

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