Saturday 10 September 2016

American Exorcism? That’ll do nicely.

You can go years without reading anything about Andrew Prendergast, then two things come along at the same time. Last month, Just as the trailer for Evil Elvis was popping up on YouTube, Mr P was producing a new British horror feature called An American Exorcism, described as “a dark comedy that revolves around a Jerry Springer-style show in which members of the public are ‘exorcised’ live on TV.” The IMDB synopsis expands on this slightly:

“When Father Ryan Stone, host of late night, low budget tv show 'American Exorcism' is confronted by his past live on tv he must confront his past and his faith by performing the first televised exorcism as the world watches.”

An American Exorcism is the third feature from director Ed Boase. Coincidentally, last night I watched Boase’s hugely impressive feature debut, 2011 hunting-humans thriller Blooded. That bodes well, but on the other hand his second film was the truly terrible The Mirror. The key difference, I suspect, is that Blooded had a well-crafted script by James Walker, whereas Boase wrote The Mirror himself.

An American Exorcism has been written by Andy Conway (from a story by Prendergast), who previously scripted 2014 found-footage action picture Arjun and Allison. The film stars Vincent Riotta (Mr Selfridge), Fola Evans-Akinbola, Eleanor Gecks (Dark Signal, Young Dracula) and American soap actress Miranda Wilson, plus Joshua Dickinson and Nate Fellows from The Mirror. It was shot in Birmingham between 15th and 28th August. No stills yet but here’s the cast and crew at the wrap party.

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