Thursday 15 September 2016

Can't wait to see... Dark Beacon

Coz Greenop, director of the brilliant Wandering Rose (aka Demon Baby aka Little Devil) dropped me a line to say he has just wrapped principal photography on his second feature, Dark Beacon. Here’s the synopsis:

Amy Wilcock loves Beth Gadsby like a moth loves a flame. When Beth's husband Christian finds out about this, he tries to kill them both in a suicidal attempt. Beth survives but the woman she was doesn't. She disappears with her daughter Maya weeks later without so much as a goodbye. Amy tracks her down to a distant lighthouse only to find her broken and maddened in the midst of a dive into an alcoholic abyss.

Now Amy must decide whether she can save the love of her life or only the traumatised child from an increasingly dangerous spiral of madness and the preternatural threat of Beth's deceased husband Christian, back from the dead and hell bent on destroying them all.

Dark Beacon stars April Pearson (Tank 432, Tormented), Lynne Anne Rodgers (From Dusk Till Dawn 3), Toby Osmond, Jimmy Allen and everyone’s favourite, the nicest scary-looking long-haired guy in showbiz, Mr Jon Campling.

You can keep up to date with the movie on Facebook. Meanwhile here's a few behind-the-scenes pics.

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