Tuesday 22 March 2016

Jacob's Hammer finally appears on DVD this July

Jacob’s Hammer was on my list of films I really wasn’t sure would ever get released. It was shot in February 2011 and a trailer appeared on YouTube in September 2012. And that was it. Since then there's been no sign of the film.

But now here it is on Amazon.com, lined up for a DVD release through SGL Entertainment in July. (Let’s just hope they sort out that rogue apostrophe before then.)

Synopsis: No one sees Jacob. It's not allowed. Sadie keeps him hidden. It's best that way. She's always done that. Ever since.....well....ever since. She loves him very much. Maybe she loves him too much, because Jacob's not like other little boys. There is something wrong with Jacob. Something, sometimes, only a mother can see. Sadie would do anything for Jacob. She will always protect him no matter what. After all, he's only a child her child. He should be protected. Sadie needs to protect him. Always. Until. The night sweats and dreams she could deal with. Even the nightmarish apparitions she could live with. But when friends and family are ripped from life, ripped from her life, Sadie must confront the truth. Jacob is out of control. The ultimate evil is in her son. Perhaps, the ultimate evil IS her son. Jacob's Hammer, when a mother's love is no defense.

Directed by Angie Bojtler, the movie stars Helen Holman (Aggressive Behaviour), George McCluskey (The Zombie King), Thomas Sean Hughes, Diane Rimmer and Luis James Farouk as the evil child Jacob (he must be in his late teens by now).

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