Sunday 7 June 2015

Unhallowed Ground gets cinema release and ludicrous DVD packaging

Unhallowed Ground, which I reviewed back in January, opens theatrically this week. It will screen at the Showcase in Newham, East London from Friday 12th June, and then will open in five more Showcase cinemas on Monday 15th June.

The other locations are Bristol Avonmeads, Derby Foresters Park, Coventry, Manchester and Glasgow. There was a preview screening at the Waterman Arts Centre in Brentford last Monday, attended by some of the cast and crew.

The VOD release follows on 29th June with the DVD on 13th July, and – whoa, hang on! Seriously? That’s the DVD cover?

There is no creepy old building like that in this film. Also no graveyard, no crows and no axes in treestumps. And here’s the synopsis off Amazon. It reads like a completely different film!

As the lone moon rises over wild and uninhabited moors (film is set in posh school, not on moors, and the first act happens in bright daylight), a group of friends (schoolmates, not friends) find themselves lost and desperate for shelter (no-one is lost, and there’s plenty of shelter in the school) when they arrive at the door of an abandoned building (no abandoned buildings here), long rumoured to hide a secret vault full of treasured artefacts (no rumours, no vault, the treasured artefacts are in the school library). Hastening through the creaking doors (some doors may creak), the group begin their wait for the darkest hours of the night to pass; but as the wind (it’s a calm night) tears through the trees outside (yes, there are some trees in the school grounds), the teenagers quickly realise they are not alone (at this point, the synopsis finally starts to resemble the film). When a gang of (ie. two) burglars suddenly arrive in search of the vault, unexplained noises, apparitions and disturbing whispers echo through the empty corridors. The house (school) is stirring and as the ghostly noises take a deadly, malevolent turn, the teenagers realise that they must escape both the spirits and the burglars or become victims before the night is over...

Massive misrepresentation which is pretty much guaranteed to deter anyone who might enjoy this film and piss off anyone who does pick it up. An epic fail by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment.

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