Monday 11 May 2015

Image gallery: Eileen Daly

Yes, it's true. The Queen of (low-budget) British horror, Dame Eileen Daly herself is following her appearance on The X Factor with a trip into the Big Brother House. In celebration of which, here's a gallery of some of her many, many horror roles:
Eileen's feature debut in Elisar Cabrera's Demonsoul, with Kerry Norton
Josh Collins and Alex Chandon's amazing steampunk fantasy spoof Pervirella, with a very young Emily Booth
Tony Luke's Sci-Fi Channel short Archangel Thunderbird, with the back of Doug Bradley's head
The definitive Eileen role: as Lilith Silver in Jake West's Razor Blade Smile, with Chris Adamson
Working for Elisar Cabrera again on Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft, where I first interviewed Eileen
 Keeping her clothes on (unlike most of her co-stars) in Nigel Wingrove's Sacred Flesh
With Linnea Quigley in Richard Driscoll's hilariously dire Kannibal.
 Alex Chandon's terrific anthology Cradle of Fear, with Louie Brownsell
In uniform for Anglo-Greek obscurity Sentinels of Darkness, with ?
One that I haven't actually seen, Machines of Love and Hate
Not learning from her mistakes - working for Richard Driscoll again in Evil Calls aka The Legend of Harrow Woods
Another one I have yet to track down - Alexander Birrell's Braincell
Three 21st century UK horror stars (in Germany): Eileen poses with Marysia Kay (front) and Eleanor James on the set of Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas' Karl the Butcher vs Axe
 Jason Impey's The Turning aka Zombie Lover
Andrew Jones' The Amityville Asylum
 Eileen's self-scripted, self-directed trilogy of horror comedies: First Bite is the Deepest...
 ...and Hollywood Betrayed...
...and Mr Crispin, with Tom Bonnington
To finish... a Finnish film The Curse of the Witch's Blood

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