Sunday 22 February 2015

Japanese sleeves of British horror films, part 2

Here are some more examples of remarkable DVD packaging created for modern British horror films when released in Japan.

Monster is Andrew Goth's bonkers police/monster romp Cold and Dark, starring Luke Goss and Kevin Howarth.

Michael J Bassett's Deathwatch uses a different photo of Jamie Bell which makes him look younger and more like Billy Elliot.

I know it's a bit small but this is the only image I could find for the Japanese release of The Descent. Blame,

I'm reasonably sure that Hitman vs Devil is Sean Hogan's The Devil's Business.

Run of the Dead is generic zombie flick Devil's Playground, starring Danny Dyer and Craig Fairbrass. What do you mean, they should have called it Run of the Mill? That's a bit unkind.

It's that man Dyer again in Jake West's hilarious Doghouse, looking less pensive than on the UK sleeve.

A distinctly different approach for Neil Marshall's loopy post-apocalyptic epic Doomsday.

More Japanese sleeves:

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