Saturday 21 February 2015

Japanese sleeves of British horror films, part 1

Everyone loves Japanese movie marketing. The posters and sleeves which come out of the Land of the Rising Sun are often completely different to those found in the rest of the world, and indeed sometimes completely different to anything in the film in question.

To celebrate the UK release of Zombie Resurrection (reviewed here) which comes about 18 months after it hit shelves in Japan, here's a selection of Japanese DVD sleeves for other British Horror Revival titles:

Jonathan Glendening's 13hrs gives away the monsters, but at least they're the monsters in this film, unlike on the US sleeve.

If it wasn't for the credit block there would be no way to tell this is Adam Mason's awful debut The 13th Sign. Still, at least it's better than the UK sleeve...

28 Days Later is basically the international design with a bit of yellow tape on it.

There's a triangular angle to The Disappearance of Alice Creed.

What's this? Another sequel to Cube? Nope, it's James Eaves' vaguely Cube-esque Bane.

A cabbage wearing headphones? That can only be Berberian Sound Studio.

Enjoyably daft crime-horror romp Botched played down the horror angle, using the 'victim in toppled chair' element but not the 'lift door' or 'severed head in pool of blood'.

And finally for now: how freaking awesome is this?

More Japanese sleeves:

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