Friday 25 April 2014

Killer clown office horror Lock In now available on VOD

Mark J Howard’s feature Lock In, which premiered at Horror-on-Sea in January, sneaked onto VOD last month without anyone noticing. The publicity calls it a ‘psychological thriller’ which is misleading (or, if it’s accurate, the trailer is misleading) because this appears to be a film about a killer clown brutally and gorily killing people in an office building using a variety of builder’s tools.

Yes, that sounds like a psychological thriller. Come on, truth in advertising please folks.

The film stars Roy Basnett, Jessica Cunningham, Steve Greenhalgh (also producer), James Thompson, Jeff Downs and Tim Paley. Make-up effects by the Funstorm Industries team of Craig Read, Jen Walker and Dave Mohammadi.

The film can be purchased for $7.99 from VHX. Find out more on Facebook or at The film-makers are planning a charity screening next month somewhere in the North West in aid of Help for Heroes, details TBC.

Here's the trailer:

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