Friday 22 March 2013

Sacrificed becomes The Download Horror

This is very weird. Back in 2004, Scottish film-maker Keith Bradley made a feature called Sacrificed. It won a prize at a little US horror festival in 2005, then sat on the shelf until July 2012 when it appeared on Distrify and as a self-released US DVD on Amazon. here’s the trailer and synopsis:

Sacrificed is the story of Amber, a dowdy student who buys a dagger in an antiques shop, with the knife comes Sybilinka idol. The idol soon posesses Amber sending her on a blood thirsty killing spree. She eventually invites all her female friends over to her newly aquired mansion house where they have the sleepover from Hell.

Five months later, the same film appeared on Distrify again, renamed The Download Horror. Except that this is a sort of MST3K version of Sacrificed with constant commentary by two Scottish ‘comedians’. Here's the new synopsis and trailer:

When it comes to movies, Dougie and Robbo know what they like. And there is nothing they like more than a night in watching one of Big Al's latest downloads — especially if it's a horror film featuring five babes alone in a big house. Big Al is the neighbourhood bootlegger and they depend on him for a constant diet of blood, gore, nudity and whatever else he thinks will satisfy their craving. They always expect surprises. Will his latest offering, the horror film Sacrificed, live up to their expectations?

Dougie and Robbo are soon in their element, competing to predict what is going to happen next on screen. Their spontaneous comedic roasting and daft comments mean that nothing is sacred and no one is safe. The lads' verbal sparring gives the audience a new take on the film. As the corpses mount up in Sacrificed, Dougie and Robbo's overactive imaginations and comic timing make The Download Horror a unique cinematic experience.

Although Keith Bradley is listed as one of two producers on The Download Horror, the ‘director’ is Jim Hickey - who was production designer on Sacrificed! Sacrificed itself seems to have disappeared from Distrify which is a shame because, while it doesn’t look very good, I’d rather see that as an actual film than with Tom McServo and Crow T McRobot wittering in my ear.

I could understand if the ‘comedy’ commentary (I’ve watched the trailer, and it really doesn’t sound funny at all) was just a DVD extra, but this seems to be marketed as an entirely new film, without any acknowledgement that the mickey-taking is being done by some of the people who made the original.

How odd

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