Monday 25 March 2013

Eschatrilogy-makers' zombie short promotes hospital event

Safehouse Pictures, the team behind The Eschatrilogy and Bicycle Day, have made a seven-minute short called Zombie Run.

It's pretty basic as plots go - two runners get chased by zombies - but it's smartly made and shows what the team of Damian and Nicola Morter are capable of. The film was actually made (in three days at the start of February: eight hours to shoot and a couple of days of post) to promote the Barnsley Hospital Charity Zombie Run, a 5km run in which participants will not only have to avoid various obstacles but also avoid hordes of the living dead. Several of the cast and crew also worked on The Eschatrilogy.

The Zombie Run itself will be on 19th October 2013. Tickets go on sale in a few days from the link above. There is also a Facebook thing.

Here's the video:

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