Monday 25 February 2013

Dark Side gives Urban Terrors 'thumbs up'

Issue 152 of The Dark Side arrived this morning, in which Allan Bryce devotes almost his entire editorial to praising my book Urban Terrors. Which has certainly made my day.

"Respected film journo MJ Simpson does a fine job of chronicling the dawn of a new age of cheapie creepy home grown horror fuelled by the easy availability of digital technology," writes young Mr Bryce, adding "In fact I'm pretty awestruck by what he has done here ... MJ's unearthing of a vast array of shoestring wobblycam wonders so obscure that their biggest viewing audience was probably at the cast and crew screening."

Allan calls the book a "fascinating tome", says that "what I like most about MJ's writing is his sense of humour" and finishes with "Urban Terrors gets a big thumbs up from me."

Thanks Brycey, your cheque is in the post!

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