Wednesday 27 June 2012

Want to buy a 'film studio'?

And so it comes to this: Richard Driscoll's 'film studio' House of Fear is up for sale. If you have 350,000 quid to spare and a hankering to live in the middle of nowhere, you could buy this charming, llama-shit-covered desres near Redruth. Of great historical interest, this was the home of such major productions as El Dorado, the pick-ups on Evil Calls, the pick-ups on Back2Hell and, um, the pick-ups on El Dorado.

Sic transit gloria mundi. But if anyone thinks this is the end of Mr D, they're wrong. He will be back in a new location with a new company name and a new slate of shit films in a few years, have no doubt.


  1. That fountain thing wasn't there before...

    1. And it looks like half the place fell down...

  2. Looks like the backlot has been broken down. Its not really in the middle of nowhere though, thats quite offensive to the people of Cornwall...