Friday 29 June 2012

12 British horror features confirmed for Frightfest

Here are the British movies playing at Frightfest over 23rd-27th August. I won’t be there (it’s simply way too expensive for me) but I’d like to catch most of these at some point.
  • The Seasoning House - world premiere 
  • Cockneys vs Zombies - world premiere 
  • Grabbers - preview (UK/Ireland - not sure how 'British' this is) 
  • Outpost II: Black Sun - UK premiere 
  • Berberian Sound Studio - preview (never even heard of this one!)
  • Tower Block - world premiere 
  • Guinea Pigs - preview 
  • Sawney: Flesh of Man - world premiere 
  • May I Kill U? - UK premiere 
  • Before Dawn - world premiere 
  • Community - world premiere 
  • Inbred - with live commentary 
For completists, they’re also screening The Thompsons which is a US movie shot in Britain. Short films haven’t yet been announced.

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