Thursday 23 February 2012

Deadtime coming to UK DVD

4Digital Media release rock'n'roll slasher Deadtime on 14 May. Directed by Chilean-born Tony Jopia, who made a horror short last year called Cry Wolf, and written by Stephen Bishop, the film stars Leslie 'Dirty Den' Grantham and, bizarrely, Terry Christian (him off The Word)! Also in the cast are Joe Egan (Strippers vs Werewolves, Dead Cert), Julian Boote (The Killing Zone) and Laurence Saunders (The Seasoning House).

A Birmingham-based band are ordered by their unhappy record company to an old warehouse; the goal being to re-start their ailing careers with a kick-ass new promo video. Unfortunately the band and their entourage find themselves targets of a mysterious knife-wielding maniac, haunted by the voice of Satan, and out for revenge.

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