Wednesday 26 August 2015

Three retitled British horrors on US disc on Monday

Three recent British horrors are lined up for US release on Monday 1st September under different titles to those we know them by.

Simeon Halligan’s terrific White Settlers, in which an English couple move to Scotland only to be brutally harassed by the locals, is out from Magnolia Pictures. But don’t look for it under W as the distributor has retitled it The Blood Lands.

Luke Hyams’ Xmoor, which premiered one year ago at Frightfesst 2014, is released on the same day through Screen Media. This one, which is still awaiting a UK disc, is now The Beast of Xmoor, which seems fair enough.

And one more for luck. MPI Video release Hangar 10, a sci-fi/horror feature directed by Daniel Simpson (no relation). This is the title under which the film was shot, but in the UK it has been released as The Rendlesham UFO Incident.

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