Saturday 23 November 2013

Webkam: teaser trailer for 'lost' 2008 Eleanor James film

Here's a treat which I've just found - a teaser trailer for Webkam. This feature was shot way back in August 2008 in Birmingham by a chap named James D Layton, and until now pretty much all that has existed to prove the film is a real thing have been these three stills which I was sent at the time.

You will probably recognise BHR regular Eleanor James there. The film also stars Kim Sonderholm (Deadly Pursuit) and Joanne Gail (When Evil Calls). The synopsis I was sent in 2008 reads as follows: "Victoria is a bit sad due due to a break-up with her boyfriend, Matt. Her best friend Lilly tries to cheer her up, but fails. One day a strange character wearing a clown mask appears on her computer screen. He calls himself Kam and he wants to play a game - it is the beginning of grueling nightmare for Victoria."

I have long wondered whether this was ever completed and what happened to James D Layton. Well, casual googling tonight revealed this teaser posted by Layton on YouTube in August this year. This raises my hopes that Webkam could one day actually see the light of day.

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