Monday 22 October 2012

Great new short: Sunday Best

A few years ago I reviewed Emily and the Baba Yaga, a terrific CGI short which marked the directorial debut of Clive Tonge. More recently, Clive has directed a live-action horror short Sunday Best, which looks great.

A woman’s thighbone has been found by police, the latest victim of brutal serial killer ‘The Bone Stripper’. When a stranger, covered in blood, arrives unexpectedly at Gladys and Albert’s house, like good Samaritans they invite him in. But the Lord God works in mysterious ways and, when all three end up wearing their Sunday best, His deadly word is final.

Sunday Best was written by Ian Fenton (Black Dog, The Scuttler), DPed and edited by Ben Race, and stars Bill Fellows (Zombie Women of Satan, Witch House: The Legend of Petronel Haxley, Until Death) with Andrew Squires (Heretic) and Valerie Shields.

Here's the website, and here's the trailer. Review coming soon.

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