Friday 14 September 2012

Four new features at British Horror Film Festival

The British Horror Film Festival 2012 plays at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square on 12th/13th October with a great line-up of four features and a selection of shorts. Friday evening’s film is Demon, the new feature from Mark Duffield (Ghost of Mae Nak): “Demon is the bloodiest love story of all. Set in Victorian London it tells the tale of Lorcan a young handsome man cursed by love that transforms him into a blood thirsty demon.”

Saturday kicks off with eagerly awaited anthology feature Three’s a Shroud, which features Emily Booth and Eleanor James among its cast(s). Then there’s Steve Laurence’s Art House Massacre: “a nail bitingly tense suspense horror set over one gruesome night ... etc etc ... Now: Liz is trapped in the dungeon-like basement of the house, in the clutches of a murderous psychopath with artistic pretensions, and caught up in an organ-harvesting nightmare.”

Finally there’s Darkwood Manor, which was directed by 17-year-old Liam Hooper: “when the intrepid group of volunteers and their form tutor arrive at the manor it quickly becomes clear that the resident evil is not a ghost after all and, one by one, they start to disappear”.

There are also a number of shorts playing. Full line-up to be announced but including Mat Brooks’ Just the 2 of Us, Nic Alderton’s The Deadfall and Matthew Callaghan’s One Night in Sutherland Hill (produced by the folk behind the Outpost movies).

Tickets for everything will be on sale soon.

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