Wednesday 13 April 2016

Cannibal horror Blood Lust coming to DVD in May

Some time ago I wrote a draft of a script that Benedict Mart was developing called The Wicked Mr Danior. Later, Ben asked me to write the screenplay for a project called Siren. I wrote a cracking treatment but didn’t pursue it, principally because the executive producers were insistent that the film – about a man lured to his doom by a mysterious woman on an isolated island – must be not only filmed on the Isle of Wight but actually set there.

Sorry, but half a million holiday-makers a year travel to the Isle of Wight via three regular scheduled ferry services. It’s not an isolated island where someone could be lured. I wished Ben well and recommended that the title be changed, perhaps to Siren Song, as there had recently been another British horror film called Siren.

Sometime later I heard from Ben that the film had finally been made, with no less than DTV king C Thomas Howell in the lead role (and with different executive producers). It wasn’t set on the Isle of Wight and the title had changed to Siren Song.

And so we come to 2016 when the film has popped up on, set for release on 3 May via Inception Media Group. It’s now called Blood Lust. Here’s the synopsis:

When Daniel is lured to an isolated island guesthouse by his new on-line girlfriend Kelly, his hopes for a romantic weekend get-away are quickly shattered. As other guests around the estate begin to disappear, he suspects that she or her monstrous sisters may have a gruesome menu planned for their dinner. Now he and a friend race to escape this wicked trap hoping to survive beyond the dawn.

Lisa Edwards, Fletcher N Brown and Brigitte Allen are credited with the script.

The Wicked Mr Danior remains in development hell. And if anyone would like to see my treatment that I wrote for Siren, which is very different to what eventually got made, just drop me an email.

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