Monday 6 July 2015

'The Dead 2' on UK DVD next week

Pretty much at the top of my must-see list is The Dead 2: India, the Ford Brothers' follow-up to their absolutely awesome 2011 Africa-set zombie picture.

The film premiered at Frightfest two years ago, and hits UK DVD on 13th July courtesy of Altitude Films. It's eight quid on pre-order from Amazon. Howard Ford's subsequent film, Never Let Go, plays the 2015 Frightfest next month.

Synopsis: The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the Ford Brothers’ African set THE DEAD, THE DEAD 2 moves us to the hustle and bustle of India as the outbreak of the walking dead take hold. An American engineer teams up with a surviving orphan street kid to trek 300 miles across stunning but deadly rural Indian landscapes to the now infested slums of Mumbai to try and save his pregnant girlfriend. The first ever international zombie movie shot in incredible India, THE DEAD 2, puts the Ford Brother's unique vision on a far bigger canvas, with breath taking scope, thrilling action and emotional resonance.

Here's the trailer. Review coming soon.

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