Monday 8 September 2014

Indie auteur Paul TT Easter selling up

I've never actually watched one of Paul TT Easter's movies - and now it looks like I might not get the chance, because Easter is apparently jacking it all in and selling his entire Side Effect Films business - on eBay!

The package includes the rights to at least six, possibly up to nine of Easter's films, plus two HD cameras, a stills camera and a Mercedes. Bidding starts at £5,000. Auction closes on 18th September.

The IMDB lists 15 directing credits for Easter, mostly gangster/action films but also including Black Shuck, Thumb N It and Lone Walker, all of which are horror. U Mugs might also be horror too as it's pitched as 'Jackass meets Blair Witch'. Or it might just be a found footage movie about knobheads hurting themselves...

The reviews on Amazon suggest that Easter's films are somewhat basic in their execution, but he has released several through Amazon Prime including the four titles mentioned above - and that makes him a representative of the British Horror Revival as far as I'm concerned.

You can see Paul's Mercedes at the start of this trailer for Lone Walker:


  1. Wow Side Effect Films did it's job it's true i have gone as far as i wanted to go with SEF.
    and accomplished more than i ever thought possible with my found footage style no/low budget films.I'm now focusing on higher production value features.

  2. Glad to hear you're still in the game, Paul!

  3. Yes mate thanks so much for your Blog I have shared it on my Facebook page 5000 friends it all helps.