Thursday 28 August 2014

Looking forward to... The Unfolding

The Unfolding, from writer-director Eugene McGing, is a brand new feature which should be finished in post next month, fingers crossed. Here's the synopsis and some photos.

England, October 2017…a fearful world stands on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. Tam Burke, a paranormal investigator, and girlfriend Rose Ellis, travel to the wilds of Dartmoor to see the ancient and mysterious 'Hound Tor'. As they stand and admire the incredible rock formation, they are enveloped by a strange mist, and see a spectral apparition that seems to watch them from the summit. Slightly shaken after their experience, they continue on their way to Hopton House, a rambling old building, its history dating back to the 15th century. Strange and paranormal events have been documented there, and Tam hopes that the interviews he has arranged with the caretaker and his wife will be of great importance in proving the existence of the supernatural.

Tam is crestfallen to find his interviewees fleeing the old building in dread. Despite his protests, they insist on departing, but do leave him the keys to the house. Together with Rose, he grasps the opportunity to stay alone there, hoping to salvage a little research from the trip. After their first night as guests, the young couple become convinced that they are not alone. Despite his high hopes, Tam is unable to record any solid evidence of ghostly activity. They decide to leave after two nights. They are then surprised by the arrival of Harvey Waller, Tam’s sceptical university buddy, who has come to lend a hand with the research, and is looking forward to having some fun at his friend’s expense. Harvey soon finds his amusement turn to trepidation, as even he is forced to admit that there is indeed something inexplicable happening around them.

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