Tuesday 1 July 2014

Watch 'Benny Loves Killing' free for the next week and a half

Ben Woodiwiss' feature Benny Loves Killing is free to view online between 1st and 10th July courtesy of the fine folks at Cinema Zero, a fantastic bunch of guys who are commendably working to break the mould of old-fashioned distribution models. Their manifesto is pretty much everything I tried to get people to understand in Urban Terrors. Cinemas are dead, long live cinema.

Benny Loves Killing "follows the struggles of a student making a horror film, only for her life to fall apart".
It is "a tense, claustrophobic love letter to cinema". Woodiwiss previously wrote Blood + Roses. The film stars Pauline Cousty and Canelle Hoppe (London Voodoo, Hellbreeder).

Once you've watched the film, you can watch it again because there's also a commentary version on the site with Ben and producer Nick Jones discussing the making of the film.

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