Monday 5 November 2012

Urban Terrors - list of contents

As the book proof is signed off, and with just a month until the launch of Urban Terrors in Leicester on 5th December (details TBC), here is the final, definitive list of the contents: 114 films, listed here alphabetically (although in the book they are grouped by year of release). I guarantee that no-one has seen all these, and I bet few have even heard of them all. But every film here was given a commercial release, somewhere, somehow, between 1997 and 2008.

If you spot something 'missing', well that means that, by my criteria, it's ether not 'British' enough, not 'horror' enough or was released outside of my stated time-frame.

Alien Rising (Nigel Moran), Alone (Phil Claydon), Anazapta (Alberto Sciamma), Antisocial-Behaviour (Vinson Pike), The Asylum (John Stewart), Asylum Night (Brad Watson)

Beyond the Rave (Mathias Hoene), The Big Finish (The Heather Brothers), Blood (Charly Cantor), Botched (Kit Ryan), Broken (Adam Mason), The Bunker (Rob Green)

Chemical Wedding (Julian Doyle), The Children (Tom Shankland), Cold and Dark (Andrew Goth), The Cottage (Paul Andrew Williams), Cradle of Fear (Alex Chandon), Credo (Toni Harman), Creep (Christopher Smith)

Daddy’s Girl (DJ Evans), Darkhunters (Johannes Roberts), Darklands (Julian Richards), Dead Creatures (Andrew Parkinson), Dead Man’s Shoes (Shane Meadows), Deathwatch (Michael J Bassett), The Descent (Neil Marshall), The Devil’s Chair (Adam Mason), Devil’s Harvest (James Shanks), The Devil’s Tattoo (Julian Kean), Doctor Sleep (Nick Willing), Dog Soldiers (Neil Marshall), Dominator (Tony Luke), Doomsday (Neil Marshall), Dust (Adam Mason)

Eden Lake (James Watkins), The Eliminator (Enda Hughes), Evil Aliens (Jake West), Evil Calls (Richard Driscoll), The Evolved Part 1 (Andrew Senior and John Turner), Experiment (Dan Turner)

The Fall of the Louse of Usher (Ken Russell), Footsteps (GH Evans), Forest of the Damned (Johannes Roberts), Freak Out (Christian James), From the Grave (Charles Buchanan)

The Gathering (Brian Gilbert), The Ghosts of Crowley Hall (Daren Marc)

Hellbreeder (James Eaves and Johannes Roberts), The Hole (Nick Hamm), Home Made (Jason Impey)

In a Dark Place (Donato Rotunno), The Innocent (Stuart Brennan), I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain (Andrew Parkinson)

Kannibal (Richard Driscoll), KillerKiller (Pat Higgins)

The Last Great Wilderness (David Mackenzie), The Last Horror Movie (Julian Richards), LD50 (Simon De Selva), The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse (Steve Bendelack), Lie Still (Sean Hogan), Lighthouse (Simon Hunter), The Living and the Dead (Simon Rumley), London Voodoo (Robert Pratten), Long Time Dead (Marcus Adams), The Lost (Stuart Brennan), Lycanthropy (Kevin McDonagh)

Messages (David Fairman), MindFlesh (Robert Pratten), Mum and Dad (Steven Sheil), Mutant Chronicles (Simon Hunter), My Little Eye (Marc Evans)

Nature Morte (Paul Burrows), Never Play with the Dead (Ray Kilby), Night Junkies (Lawrence Pearce), Nine Lives (Andrew Green)

Octane (Marcus Adams), Outpost (Steve Barker)

Parasite (Andrew Prendergast), Penetration Angst (Wolfgang Buld), Project Assassin (Mike and Andy Hurst), Puritan (Hadi Hajaig)

Razor Blade Smile (Jake West), Revelation (Stuart Urban)

Sacred Flesh (Nigel Wingrove), Sanitarium (James Eaves and Johannes Roberts), Sentinels of Darkness (Manos Kalaitzakis), Severance (Christopher Smith), Shaun of the Dead (Edgar Wright), Sick Bastard (Jason Impey), The Sickhouse (Curtis Radclyffe), Small Town Folk (Peter Stanley-Ward), Snuff-Movie (Bernard Rose), Soul Searcher (Neil Oseman), Spirit Trap (David Smith), Spring Heeled Jack (William Honeyball), Stag Knight (Simon Cathcart), The Summer of the Massacre (Bryn Hammond)

TrashHouse (Pat Higgins), Time of Her Life (Steven M Smith), The Toy Box (Paolo Sedazarri), Trauma (Marc Evans)

Urban Ghost Story (Genevieve Jolliffe)

Vampire Diary (Mark James and Phil O’Shea), The Vanguard (Matthew Hope), The Veil (Richard Chance)

WAZ (Tom Shankland), When Evil Calls (Johannes Roberts), Wild Country (Craig Strachan), Wilderness (Michael J Bassett), The Witches Hammer (James Eaves), Witch House: The Legend of Petronel Haxley (Mike McCarthy)

The Zombie Diaries (Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates)

The 13th Sign (Adam Mason), 28 Days Later (Danny Boyle)

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